IMPORTANT – Is the camper van 4WD?

IMPORTANT – Is the camper van 4WD?

Our camper vans are NOT 4WD and should never be taken off the pavement.

Polihale State Park is prohibited in one of our camper vans! (Don’t go, please!)

Any dirt road is prohibited in our camper vans! (Don’t go, please!)

Our camper vans are not designed to drive through sand and will get stuck. We have seen tow bills here exceed $4000.00, don’t be that person, please! There are plenty of beautiful places to go without the risk.

You are completely responsible for the cost of any towing, damages, loss of revenue or replacement of camper vans and equipment!!!

We love our camper vans and hope you will treat them with respect and love them too.

NOTE:  Our camper vans are equipped with a live GPS tracker to allow us to locate you should you need any assistance. They provide a report of your driving habits and locations throughout your vacation.

If the report shows that you have indeed gone off road or to Polihale State Park you will be charged your complete $1000.00 deposit and we will seek other expenses incurred for your decisions. Please just don’t! Mahalo (thank you)

We understand you may like to visit Polihale State Park. If you do then we can give you a tent and pads so that you could rent a 4WD vehicle.


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